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Antique Engagement Rings for Eternal Union

Antique Engagement Rings for Eternal Union

Antique engagement rings have their own attractions that will stand the test of time. The rings that will be categorized as antique would be the ones age at least fifty years. So, not only that the buyer of such rings will get the precious ring, but he or she will also get the value of the history that cannot be replaced by other rings even though they have the same shapes.

Types of Antique Engagement Rings

There are numerous types of antique rings depending on the period when the rings were made. The first is the Victorian Era Rings. This is one of the oldest types of antique engagement rings.  The era is named Victorian after the Queen Victoria. She was well known as a jewelry lover. She even used a ring for each of her fingers.

The second type is the Edwardian era antique engagement rings. The Edwardian Era is around 1900 to 1920. The most popular jewelry materials in the era are platinum and diamonds. The designs of the antique engagement rings of the Edwardian era look so feminine and delicate. The method of creating the ring mimics the appearance of the lace embroidery. Another unique feature of the Edwardian era was the decorative technique called milgraining. The most used gemstones in this old era are black opals, aquamarines, amethysts, peridots, sapphires, etc.

The newest era would be the Art Deco. As this is the most modern era, the use of machinery so many of the jewelry pieces was created with machines. Moreover, as the 1920’s was when aluminum and plastic were being used for the first time and they were integrated in the jewelry creation. The antique engagement rings originated from this era were using more geometric shapes like any types of other products of the era.

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