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Flagstone Patio Ideas for Your Garden

Flagstone Patio Ideas for Your Garden

Flagstone patio is one of the various kinds of patio paver that you can choose to beautify your garden. Flagstone is the best material as it has narrow packed joints. The joint makes the water permeate through the pavers instead of running off. It also have natural and organic look as the shape of this patio is like it was made naturally. The color of flagstone patio also varies from brown, red, to gray and blue. Flagstone is being used in American garden as it has durability and it has slip resistant in the surface.

The other reason why citizen use flagstone patio is because you can grow grass between the stone. The grass will give a dramatic effect on your patio as it made a natural touch. The grass also states that they have grown for a long time but the grass is arranged in a beautiful manner.

Flagstone Pavers Installation Ideas

Flagstone patio can give either formal or informal look. It depends on how we install it. The formal look can be reached if we use flagstone patio that is cut in select cut. You need to lay them in repeating pattern. For the informal one, you can use the irregular pattern. Randomly pacing these items will give you the asymmetrical beauty on your garden and you will love it. This is what we called by the crazy paving. You do not need to pace it in order.

If you are planning to install the flagstone, you need to consider your position, the amount of the flagstone, and the type and the color of the flagstone. You need to purchase $15 to $20 per square feet if you want to have the flagstone. You can use it in conjunction as it might be expensive to the flagstone. Combining the concrete, bricks or other pavers can be a good choice to beautify your garden using flagstone patio.

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