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Jewelry Cabinet Ideas for Your Room

Jewelry Cabinet Ideas for Your Room

Jewelry cabinet is needed for you who like to collect any jewelry. Instead of keep it in one separate place; you keep your jewel in one place. Choosing the jewelry armoire is basically same with choosing the furniture for your home. It needs to fulfill the interior design theme in the particular room so the jewelry cabinet does not ruin your room; instead it will give the dual aim, both aesthetic and functional aim of the cabinet.

Choosing the Right Jewelry Storage Cabinet

The common jewelry cabinet comes in three forms: free standing, wall mounted and over door. Free standing is a versatile cabinet in which we can move it around while the wall mounted cabinet cannot do so as it will have a fixed place, usually the front door of the cabinet is added with the mirror to help you do the mix and match when you harmonize the jewelry with your outfit. The last form is a simple cabinet which we can put it on our door.

Jewelry cabinet in free standing form usually has the same size of the drawers. Thus you will need to remember which drawers belong to the type of your jewelry. It will be better for you to classify it so it will look organized. However, the free standing has less practicality if you use the same shape. Buying the jewelry cabinet with different dimension of the drawer will help you to recognize it in case you need to make up in hurry.

Mounted cabinet seems to be the best form. Different to the free standing, the mounted cabinet will arrange your jewelry according to the usage. Usually the top area is used for the necklace. You can simply hang your necklace on the hooks and classify it by color. The lower part can be used to put the smaller jewelry. Although you cannot move your cabinet, mounted type give you more practical function compared to the free standing type of jewelry cabinet.

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