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Moonstone Ring: The Beauty of Moonstone

Moonstone Ring: The Beauty of Moonstone

Moonstone ring comes pretty ring which is mostly vintage and classic due to its pale shades. This ring is indeed so pretty as how it is embedded with moonstone as rare gemstone which is quite hard to find. Then, it has the distinctive appearance and characteristics which differ this ring with other rings. But since it is not so durable and tough, the right maintenance and cleaning is needed. It has really poor toughness.

Then, moonstone ring itself is believed to have several healing and spiritual properties. For healing properties, this ring may stimulate the pineal gland and balance the body’s hormones. This ring also represents the new beginning, then it might be for physical protection, it is also believed to improve the other stones’ intensity & abundance and as well as encourage the egoism and generosity. Moonstone ring indeed has those kind of meanings which you believe it or not, depend on your belief.

Guide to Purchase Moonstone Ring

If you want to purchase thing ring, the first thing you should consider is the quality of the ring. Remember that this stone is not so tough and durable so you should know the value and quality of the moonstone to prevent earlier cracks and damages. After that, consider the colors that you like best to ensure that the color will really represent your taste and style. Moonstone ring may come with colors from white, green, orange, skyblue, pink, peach and grey.

After that, you should value the adularescence and setting. You should value the brightness and rarity of colors from the rings to ensure that the rings are indeed valuable. Lastly, consider the right setting which will secure the moonstone without any careless woobling or looseness. Moonstone ring may crack and damage right away if the setting is not tight enough to protect the moonstone.

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