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Pedestal Sink for Gorgeous Bathroom Interior

Pedestal Sink for Gorgeous Bathroom Interior

To maximize the beauty of your traditional and vintage bathroom interior design, even if it is a small one, the pedestal sink will be a flawless choice. There are many traditional bathroom interior ideas and inspirations you can refer when you want to incorporate one. We personally adore the charming vintage details of pedestal sink which may serve beautifully as center of attention in your bathroom, even if it is installed to maximize the empty corner space.

Mostly, the pedestal sink is available and made from white porcelain material. Its freestanding design undoubtedly makes it truly amazing to look at and can serve as decorative element for your bathroom interior effortlessly. You can pair it with either stainless steel or brass accessories, such as faucet, to improve its appearance while emphasizing the vintage charm.

Drawback of Pedestal Sink for Small Bathroom

Unfortunately, this beautiful vintage sink has disadvantage. Even though it appears to be a tempting choice for small bathroom, we suggest you not to have it. It is because of no matter how beautiful this sink model is it offers you less practicality in term of providing storage space. The pedestal sink undoubtedly will make your small bathroom more stunning, yet its advantage only serves there.

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