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Primitive Bathroom Decor DIY

Primitive Bathroom Decor DIY

It is true that you can really get various ideas of primitive bathroom decor done by yourself in such DIY projects. There are so many ideas along with tips and tricks to adopt in getting a primitive appeal inside your bathroom. They are all easy to do without a lot of money needed at all.

Easy to Do Primitive Bathroom Decor Ideas

Using fabric scraps to hang the shower curtain inside your bathroom is a great idea of getting primitive bathroom decor. Replace the use of shower hooks that is actually easy to do since you will only need to tie the scraps itself through the holes of the curtain along the rod. You can also use ribbon to replace the scraps that is basically having the same functionality.

Another thing that is also easy to be done is altering the look of the cabinets and also vanities inside the bathroom using wood stain or paint. You can easily transform the look of the cabinets and vanities into the primitive one. Adding new set of hardware into the cabinets is also needed to get the authentic primitive look. Just be sure to look for the hardware set that is suitable for the primitive bathroom decor that you are incorporating.

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