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Wooden Gazebo in My Small Garden

Wooden Gazebo in My Small Garden

The wooden gazebo will be always become my dream. Do you know why should say that? It is so because there is not any gazebo in my house. But when I go to my friends’ house, I see the gazebo in the backyard garden. You will not believe that my friend shave decorated it well. That is why the gazebo design is very perfect. She installs it for making the good design for the backyard decoration. It is very nice.

It inspires me to do the same things as my friends do. I want to have the same wooden gazebo as she does. But there is a problem with me. I have the limited space in my backyard garden decoration. How should I install the gazebo inside it? It makes me crazy for thinking about that. I have imagined having the coffee time in my gazebo. Then, I will spend hours for sitting down in my gazebo and enjoy my backyard decoration.

The Small Wooden Gazebo

I tell about this for my friends. I said that the wooden gazebo is my biggest dream, right now. But I don’t have any space in my garden decoration. Some of them recommend me to take the small gazebo. Is that nice? My friend has a large gazebo because her house is very large with large garden also. If I have small garden decoration, so I can install the gazebo in the small size too. Is that right? I’m still thinking about that.

Finally, I take wooden gazebo in the small size after consulting it with several exterior designers. It is very glad for me to have the gazebo installation in my garden. Even though it is in the small size, it is okay. I don’t want to think about the large gazebo anymore. The most important thing for me is the wooden gazebo installed in my garden.

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